I fucking love toys. Especially cute things. Beep beep.


So a few days ago I got midge from the Barbie series. I have to say I rarely buy barbies unless they look extraordinary in a way. Freckles, red hair and bangs are the most adorable thing to me. She came with a second dress so I put it on Elsa and now she looks like a cute housewife. 


I have wanted Drossel for so long. She’s absolutely adorable and posing her is really fun.

Moe Momo~

Truly one of the best figures I own yet. I like how her stand and hat both is magnetic. Heavy and a little bigger than a nendo. So much in love with this.

Although I love the design, the quality of her is not as I expected. You can’t really compare it to a figma since her parts can chip off easily, though I handle figures like these with good care :/

No complete regrets, she is petite and very nicely done, but should be sold for a lower price. Since when do I review? 

Numbero two
One of my favorite characters. I just love the design of her.

My first actual Nendoroid out of the three I bought for my monthly shopping. I was dumb enough back then to buy a bootleg Miku Hatsune and never got money to get an actual one. Me problemos.

Some ballerina collectors barbie. Kind of liked this one so I took it with me.

My first furby, before it changed back to nice. I’m spoiling it too much aaah.

Compared to the usual bimbo-fied barbies, this one looks really nice and the fabric of the clothes are excellent too <3