I fucking love toys. Especially cute things. Beep beep.


My first actual Nendoroid out of the three I bought for my monthly shopping. I was dumb enough back then to buy a bootleg Miku Hatsune and never got money to get an actual one. Me problemos.
Some ballerina collectors barbie. Kind of liked this one so I took it with me.
My first furby, before it changed back to nice. I’m spoiling it too much aaah.
Compared to the usual bimbo-fied barbies, this one looks really nice and the fabric of the clothes are excellent too <3
Not too impressed with the mega bloks. Quality is kinda meh, some parts fall off easily, but good to go for the looks.
More fun with husbando~
Went shopping with husband <3

I got this from my husband from far far awaaaaaay

tru love

tru love

These were called coccolotti if anyone wonders :)
Not really a toy since it could break easily, but I love this character. So cute so cute
Gift from my sister
Love love love bears